25 September 2005

Has it been a long time or what???

Well, it certainly has been a long time hasn't it?? I know that nobody reads this anymore since I haven't had an update since like, April or something. Well, anyways, whoever stumbles across this random posting I haven't really been up to much lately. It seems like all I ever get done is working or going to school, and that gets old real quick. This weekend however I got in some major North Carolina time!! It was a good time, hanging with old friends, and Shanes' family. We went to one of his cousins wedding. She was so pretty, but the wedding was alright. Let's start from the beginning.

Anyone who knows me and Shane knows that we have this dog, right. Well, bear is this little tiny dog with long hair that just KNOWS he is a massive beast. He chases dogs away from the safety of the inside couch, and he humps Zoe from Sesame Street until his leg starts hurting. Well, anyways, we had to find someone to keep him for a couple of days while we were out of town. So I asked my co-worker Allison if she would mind and she said of course not. So, the first plans of the afternoon were that we were going to leave the house at 7 a.m. and follow his parents down that way (because we had no idea where we were going), but as time progressed Shane decided that he didn't need to follow anyone, we could handle it ourselves. So, I wake up at 7:30 that morning and get up take a shower yadda yadda, while he is still lazing around. So I was like, Shane, we need to leave earlier than 10 or so, because we have to drop bear off go by my house get something to eat get gas and so on and so forth! I mean come on people!!! The wedding started at 4 o'clock and we didn't know where, plus it is a 4 hour drive to get there! Well, anyways, he wanted to wait around because Virginia Tech has some new sports channel or something and he wanted to see it, but lo and behold!!! No VT at 10 o'clock. So there we are late anyways, and the stupid show didn't even come on! Well, so after that we finally get a move on after we located the keys, loaded up bears luggage along with our own, and set out on our treck to Hendersonville right outside of Ashville.

We get in the car with high spirits and anxious to see everyone whom we haven't seen in forever. This weekend was a sensitive weekend for everyone anyways, because it is the weekend anniversary that Shanes' grandmother passed away last year. So here we go! Well, everything progresses fine until we get to Ashville, and that's where we get lost. We know we are supposed to be going to Hendersonville, but we don't know what road to get on to get there. So we drive around Ashville 3 times, because the cell phone keeps going out and his dad doesn't know what to tell us either! So, in the meantime we are cruising along I'm steaming out the ears and he runs over this bolt that just comes out of nowhere. This was no ordinary bolt either! You know how sometimes when you are doing something and it just starts going in slow motion when something bad is about to occur and you KNOW that you can't do a damn thing about it? Well, that was about that. So it goes BANGGGGGGG.....and I'm just sure we have a flat tire! I mean that bolt was like one of those bolts you would see holding up a ferris wheel or something. Well, we keep driving around and nothing happens. Great! Well, we finally get to Hendersonville and get on the right track all the while his dad is saying we won't make it to the wedding at least we will make it to the reception. After much ado we make it. LATE as usual, but hey, apparantly so was the bride, so you can't go wrong there. We meet up with our party and alls well that ends well.

It was a good time though!
The wedding was beautiful Debbie, Congratulations Sabrina and Patrick, and luv to all the family who will never see this! :)

I have tons more, but if I spill it now this blog will be 100 miles long and nobody will read it. Plus, I probably won't have anything else to talk about for another 5 months! Haha....



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