17 April 2005

And It's Over

What's over you say? It's all over, all the glitz and the glam are done and there is currently nothing to look forward to. Ashley's wedding is over and they were off on their honeymoon today. It was a very simple ceremony, but beautiful. Their family is huge! I think everyone was talking about how big the family is now. After the ceremony and everything I went out to eat with Kelly.........we went to Texas Steakhouse. It was goooooooooood. We always order the same thing........Cheese Fries (appetizer) salad with ranch dressing.....sweet tea......7 oz. sirloin with baked potato and b., s.c. ....and sometimes a drink. Last night we had a couple of amaretto sours. YUMM YUMM.....good times there. We bolognad around and shot the breeze and ended up not being able to eat our meals. But all is well, as Texas offers boxes for any leftovers. So she took her steak home to her dog, and mine will probably sit in the fridge until it isn't good anymore. lol, but whatever!

After the big wedding day and eating at Texas I came home to burn a cd, and then my brother and I took off to go bowling with my uncle and some of my friends that we all used to hang with. I had the best time with him, seriously. I haven't had that much fun in so long. My cousin Jon was in and we all just had a great time. They were trying to get their mac on with all the little girls and I was just making fun of them. I guess you just had to be there to get the funny out of their Usher wanna be dancing and all that. Everytime one of them would get a strike or a spare they would jump up and bump chests. It was hilarious until one time they did that and almost bumped into the girl that was in the next lane, I thought she was gonna cast a spell on them or something. She was all black and goth. That's fine and all, but not attractive I don't think.

Well, that's about all I have to talk about. It sucks saying goodbye to so many people you love though. I'm such a softie and cry all the time. I always try to hide it, but how do you hide tears. I'm pretty good at hiding any sobs or such, but my tears fall like crazy. I had to be discreet and hop into the bathroom and wipe them away real quick and then he said goodbye and i said goodbye and we were both out of there. I guess I do pretty good with it, but it always kills me to see someone else hurting. If I could, I believe I would take it for them. Anyhow, everything is fine and getting back to normal.....

"People say true friends must always hold hands,
but true friends don't need to hold hands because they know the other hand will always be there."

Love ya


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2 posts in the same week? Dang, you don't mess around. I had you off my bookmarks since I didn't think you updated anymore, but I guess you're back. :)

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