12 April 2005

Gotta Talk

I absolutely LOVE getting phone calls from my friends! If A friend would call me everyday I wouldn't care a bit!! So, I wonder why nobody wants to talk to me? Haha, for real though......My friend Chris just called me and he is all bummed out about his life. It sucks I guess at the moment anyways. But, I think it's crappy too. He is a veteran (when I think veteran I think old person, do you?) But he isn't old, but anyways, he doesn't qualify for any financial aid because some bologna about something or other. It seems like he could get something to help him better his life since he helped America better herself. Enough about that though!

I though once again that everyone around me was going to get fired. I would not recommend to anyone I know or came in contact with working as a teller at a bank. It is stressfull not knowing if you will or won't have a job the next day, week, or month. It's a good job as far as resume and all that, but it is such a stressfull job and requires lots of detail. Krista only has 25 more cents to play with before she loses her job. Two more of my tellers cashed fraudulent, forged checks the other day and it is still pending as to if they will be fired or not. IT SUCKS..........But, I said that if they all got fired but me I was asking for a transfer! I would like to go to another bank and do something else. That would be nice. I have even thought about looking for a whole other job period, but the hours and vacation are almost too much to pull away from.

My uncles wedding is Saturday! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! Happy times, happy times! I will be singing "I never Knew Love" by Doug Stone. It's a really pretty song, but I've only practiced it a couple of times. I don't even know the words. I can't wait! My brother is coming in on Thursday night and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM........I can't hardly contain my excitement! I thought I was gonna get to see my dad too, but surprise surprise he isn't. He is going to have my little sister and he thinks it wouldn't be fun for her to come this way. Whatever, I guess I'll have to go and see him again this year like every other time before.

Well, my journey to find an apartment or a trailor of my own have turned up unsuccessful! I either can't afford it or it just isn't up to my standards. I mean, why shouldn't I have standards? Why shouldn't I be picky if I want to be?? I REFUSE to move into something that isn't nice and that I don't really like. I'm just not gonna do it. AND, I don't want a roommate! Roommates are devils and I know it from experience! NEVER AGAIN IS MY MOTTO ON THAT ONE! But, I am still looking, so if you are in the Princeton/Green Valley/ Athens area with an apartment or garage apartment or a trailor I would like to discuss options with you. Even better if anyone out there would like to donate something to me ex. money or whatever, NO PROBLEMS.........call me for my info;) But, I have tons more to say but I don't know exactly how I wanna say it so I'll leave it for tomorrow...........

night lambs as Mariah would say!

p.s. Mariah's new cd is pretty decent:) LOVE HER NO MATTER WHAT!

uh, mwah babes..........talk to ya later taters:)


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