11 November 2004

Just another Thursday

Now, I can't say that it is just another Thursday. Today is a bummin Thursday. I went to meet with my advisor today, and I was only there for about 30 min before I went off into the big city of Princeton. I was messing around when I decided that it was time to repair the damage that the tornado did when it ripped through my car......lol. Well, maybe I shouldn't blame it on a tornado......IT WAS ME! It's terrible that I let my car get like that......:)! So, anyways, I cleaned it.....I promise. I really need to get it detailed, but as you know already, most college students are always broke so that is it for me. I have a list of things that I need to do like 20 miles long, so I will get to them one at a time and hopefully get stuff done soon.

What do I have planned for the rest of the day you say? Well, I am going to my ma's house for some steak and potatoes this evening and then it's up to Shanes for a big night of the Apprentice and the OC....can't miss those for the world. I'm really looking forward to spending this time with my mom, she's so cute. Well, enough about that! What else.......well, that's about it.......I won't have another one of these things for a few days, so the next one will probably be jammed with stuff in it to read about. Later babes!



Blogger Bird33 said...

2 days in a row. Look out now, heh. I must be missing out on the OC stuff. What channel is it even on? Everyone that watches it is huge into it, so I probably would be too. Shane is into that stuff? You'll have to get him posting in here. Have a good weekend. :)

6:28 PM  
Blogger Meggie said...

OH YEAH, the OC is awsome, i think. Shane, no way, he isn't all into that stuff and he doesn't know about my blog. It's my secret.....shhhhh.....lol! I'll have a good weekend, and you do the same.

11:00 AM  

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