24 April 2005

Bored to Death!!!!!!!

So, here I sit at the computer once again for the eightieth time today. The first time I had every intention of doing a report that needs to be done, but I went shopping instead. The second time I sat down to do the same and did the same!! Lol, it's a never ending process, I am telling ya now. However, new revelations in my life are at the minimal. I am going to look into buying a trailor tomorrow. As some of you know my uncle got married last weekend, and I am expected to be moving in with him and his new wife along with their 6 KIDS sometime after next week. I don't really want this to happen though, so I have been looking into the various options available to me. I looked into trailors before, but couldn't really find anything worth looking into. Nothing nice. Call me spoiled if you must, but I've never lived in a mobile home before and I want a nice one if I am going to have to live in one. So, being a non-smoker and knowing the damage smoking can do to a house or mobile home, I have looked incessantly for one that is tar free! The problem with this is, Southern West Virginia could possibly be the capitol for smokers! There is like 1 non smoker to 1 billion smokers around here. Well, anyways, I have a friend and her husband just returned from overseas and they are looking to move into a doublewide. So, they want 8 grand for the single that they live in now. Non smokers, 3 bedrooms 2 bath. Sounds good to me, so we'll see how that goes down after tomorrow.

Nothing new at school really. Just a little here and there and a girl named Andrea that wants to always share things with me that I reallllllly don't care to know! Like about how her boyfriend is her ex-boyfriends suitemate and yadda yadda yadda about her sex life. (Andrea, I DON'T CARE!!)

Well, disappointments everywhere! I went to look at a Kia Sorento last Monday and REALLY REALLY liked it. The only problem was they wanted 22 grand for a used vehicle! Especially a Kia people! So, anyways, I'm not a stupid girl ya know so I looked up the suggested retail value on it. It was only 16,500! So, then I looked up the trade in value, IT WAS ONLY 11,000! So, I put in an offer of 17,000 and they wouldn't accept it saying that they had more than that in it! Whatever Cole, you are crazy and I am not! But, good things always happen on bad days, like for instance........After looking at this car I had to pick up some things at Shanes house and then put some gas in the 'ole cat before heading off to big 'ole Monroe County! So, while at the gas station I was wearing a dark red sundress and some sandles, because it was super warm outside and I was feeling summery. I was standing there pumping my gas when I heard this guy from across the parking lot yell, HEY! I looked up and he was looking at me, and he was like HEY! I kept looking at him trying to place where I knew him from when I couldn't and thus decided I didn't know him and had no interest in getting to know him. At the end of this conclusion he yells HEY, DO YOU GO TO CHURCH?? So, as I was standing there thinking "Great, now I am going to have to listen to this guy rant to me about why I should be going like I don't know why I should be going in the first place!" He comes closer, and I was like "No." So, he must not have heard me for I am a little soft spoken, and he was like "I SAID, Do you go to church??" So, being the smart elek I am and getting a little irritated I said, "I said NO!" Then to my amazement he just stopped and was like......

"Well, girl! You better be going to church every
Sunday and you had better praise God
everyday for your GOOD LOOKS!"

So, that was awesome! THANKS BUDDY! Believe it or not you made my day!

Last week was somewhat exciting for us at work. Missy got flowers from a guy she just wanted to have sexual relations with and developed into more. (For him anyways) So we are currently trying to scheme up ways to let him down gently. Krista is attracted to married men and has decided that 2 married men are WAYYY too much for her. And Allison isn't getting any, but she and her dad bought her a house (which I am WAYYY jealous of by the way). But, anyhow, I am trying to find her an eligible bachelor at school. If anyone has suggestions or is interested call, 304-646-0993. haha.........oh, yeah, she is 5'11" , brown hair, and great fun! Well, on my search I had been noticeing a guy at work. His name is Stinson (last name)! The detail I noticed about him was that he had been driving this huge van to work. I don't know what happened to his car, but I was intrigued by the van! Allison and I kept making jokes here and there about the van incident when we concluded that he didn't have game enough to get anyone into the van, but I still say he might be magical in bed (or wherever, van, it's all the same.) So, anyways, I told Allison that the next time he came into the bank to make a transaction or whatever I was going to tell him that Ali was interested in taking a ride off into the sunset. We had a good time about that when one day like a drink of water on a hot day, he came strolling in. I took one look at Ali and she knew that mischivious look on my face was for real! She jumps up and say, MEAGAN, If you do it I will sit on you until you can't breathe anymore! I am totally convinced that she would've done it had Krista not jumped in front of her like a Sumo and said, "GO AHEAD MEGGIE, DO IT!" So, I casually walked over there and said, "Stinson, we all really like your van. Allison said that she would really like to take a ride in it with you sometime!" OMG....It was hilarious! Of course, Stinson took it personally, but it's A OK since I am cute and all. He doesn't mind it when I make comments, but it was great!
(Nobody was hurt in the making of that story)

Well, that is about all for the moment, but I'll be Back as Arnold would say OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Later babes!



Blogger Bird33 said...

Great post here. I know what you mean about the smokers. It's the same way up here. 22K for a Kia? Dang. I didn't know they were that much. Hopefully you can find a better deal. Great stories from work and I liked the gas station dude, hah. He was right though. Anyways, I'll be talking to ya soon. Have fun Sticks. :)

3:54 PM  
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