20 November 2004

Apologies chinos and chinas

SORRY! I should say I have been neglecting you guys for the past week or so. Time just slipped up on me I guess. I mean, I was even home alllll week last week and still didn't get to writing a blog, but I did get some mad cleaning done! I cleaned like a madwoman. My uncle finally cleared the living room of all kid related items exe. toys, clothing, shoes, TRASH....whatever so I decided to make the best out of it and finally give the house a good rundown. I swept in between watching tv, talking on the internet and whatever else was going on at the time. I didn't do much homework because this week I have off from school. YES YES YES...........I'm so excited.

Right now I am waiting for Shane to get home. He is supposed to take me out to eat! Probably because I was rebelling and was still lounging in my pj's and whatnot at like 4 o'clock this evening, so he said when he got home we would go to Cracker Barrel. I would rather eat somewhere else truthfully, but anywhere is good for Shane.......lmao. He bought a motorcycle yesterday. I don't really care, but like I told him.....if you are always complaining about how broke you are and you can't even take your gf out and do things with her, then you don't need to be buying a motorcycle. AAAANnnndddd in the wintertime?? What was he thinking? He paid 12,000.00 dollars for this thing that he can't ride until next Spring anyways, because he said he got a really good deal on it! Well, I don't know anything about the motorcycle businness, but it doesn't look like a 12,000.00 dollar experience to me! But, anyways, that is where he is at at the moment. He took it to his sisters house so she could keep it in her garage for him. His building is full of 4-wheelers and such toys as that.

I watched the Real World last week, and it gets more and more disappointing to me. I can't believe they are letting this go for weeks and weeks. I would totally boycott it if I weren't such an addict, but that's what us fans really should do. I would go and liven it up for them, but I am selfish and look forward to being on a FULL season of wild crazy antics. I'm back in the O.C. though, it was great. And for the Apprentice, Trump really shook things up for them. I would say, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN ALL YOU TRUMPEES! He is out for a massacre. Well, I will keep ya updated soon about whatever is in the way for me.........later babeeeeees



Blogger Bird33 said...

Good post here. You were due anyways huh? :) Dang, $12,000 for a motorcycle? He doesn't even spend a dime on you is what bugs me. The dude sounds like he's crazy loaded, yet he won't ever take you out to eat or do anything like that. Like you always say, I guess you're used to it, but that's kind of weird to me. Whatever makes ya happy at least I guess. Nothing new here. Just pumped that I'm off all week myself. About to go workout and then just be a bum and wait for the Celtics game tonight. Have fun down there. :)

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