10 November 2004

What is said in the first blog?

So how are you supposed to hit up your first blog? Am I supposed to tell you all about myself, or what? Do you want to know all about me and my life? I guess so, because you are reading this aren't you? Well, anyhow, here we go............
Well, let's start it out at the beginning of the week here..........

It's monday, and it definately feels like a Monday! I'm so sick and tired of going to work everyday, (I think this everyday) so I mope around and feel sorry for myself until I drink some tea or something and start bouncing off of the wall. I'm only at work from 7a.m. until 1p.m. then I'm off to the University so they can make me a "more rounded person" by pounding "useful information" into my brain that I'm going to forget after the semester is over. Haha, well, then It's mad learning until whenever my night class teacher decides to let me go home. My Monday night teacher is usually really laid back and stuff so it's not too bad on a Monday. I get home and everything is cool as I sit down and chill out for a little bit and cool off from a busy day in the world.

Tuesday, and I'm having trouble rolling off of the mattress this morning. I just can't get my nappy head off my pillow and shower to make myself all pretty and acceptable to the business junkies that await me in about, OH MY WHOA..........an hour make myself presentable and travel to work. (a thirty min drive for me everyday) Again, I mope around feeling sorry for myself, and whatever so I have like 3 sugar cookies at approximately 7:30 in the A.M. That's always good for me, until the high wears off and I feel worse than if I would've just held out for some waking up eye action! So, anyways, my eyes slant for a little while as I wait on customers and deal with the pressures of criminals and tellers.......oh, yeah, and the big wheelers at the bank! So, anyways, that's Tuesday mornings for me, then school, Bio lab, and some Spanish.......then off to home. However, Tuesday night didn't go as well as planned for me. All the way home all I could think of was getting home and crashing, but that didn't happen as planned. I was locked out of the house by my uncle for the ten thousandth time! I was mad as a hornet I do declare. You see, no breaking in these days, the storm windows are in and we are boarded up for a serious winter. So, after some deliberation with my Pa-pa I just decided that I would sit in my car and wait for him until he got home from his fiances house. I think it made him mad though, my public display of childish behavior, but I don't care for it wasn't my fault he locked me out again! :) I get a kick out of it still............lol.

So, today was normal........going to work and then going to school and scoping out the hot guys that would look great with me as an accessory! So, today was a good day, and ya know.......that's all I have to say about that one.

Who here is a real world fan?? I am a serious real world fanatic! Ed and I have decided that we don't really dig this season, but I had to give last night some props.....seriously! Even if Ed doesn't agree I liked it last night......MJ was cracking me up with his Muja Star Superhero thing. I couldn't help but laugh at the imagination in him. I think he would be an awsome friend to have. Tonight is the bachelor, and I'm not to psyched about that anymore either. I guess I have just lost interest in these shows that NEVER go my way no matter what! Now, tomorrow night is the Apprentice and the OC. I'm not sure about the OC yet, but we'll see. I'm still hooked at the moment.

Well, that's about all I have to say in this thingy here..............LATERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!



Blogger Bird33 said...

Meggie! I have you hooked on the Blog thing now huh? Should be another one I can read every night. I'm having all kinds of my bookmarks of nothing but Blogs. Time to get out of here for now. We have tomorrow off, go us.

5:42 PM  

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