30 January 2005

Punishment should be the course of action for NEGLECT!

Sorry Sorry Sorry..........I know that I should be punished severly for the fashion of neglect that I inflict on you at least twice a month. My goal for the next month is to update you at least once a week in order for all my fans.....lol, to pursue my thoughts and progresses throughout the year.

Okay, so let's start off with this note......I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER........say it with me now.......MEGGIE IS NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. I believe this next week is perhaps going to be the worst week of my life, and let me explain to you the details. I get a call the other day....Friday to be exact, by none other than the head teller of the bank. Since I am the supervisor I have to handle a situation found by our proof dept. on one of my tellers made on Wednesday. She proceeds to explain to me that one of my teller.......(my favorite and a very good friend) has made a HUGE mistake to say the least and it will have to be corrected by the end of the day. What could this mistake be you say? Well, let me tell ya. A lady by the name of Jenny came in with a check for $500.00 and wanted to deposit $300.00 and get $200.00 back in cash. Well, the transaction was completed exact, but for one minor detail. AN EXTRA ZERO!!!!! Instead of depositing $300.00 it was $3000.00 and instead of $200.00 back it was ......yep.......you guessed it......$2000.00! Well, we thought that since this woman had lots of money from a phen phen settlement some years ago she wouldn't hesitate to give it back. WAS I EVER SO NAIVE!!! We tried calling her ALL day on Friday to no avail until say around 2 o'clock or so. I left her a message for her to call us back and she finally does. I didn't get to talk to her, Krista (who is the mistake maker) answered the phone and proceeds to talk to this woman in a not so nice tone. I think if I could have talked to her I may have been able to pursuade her that she needed to bring this money into the bank by the end of the day and all would have been well. Instead, I didn't get to talk to the woman and all was not well by the end of the day. Tomorrow is the deadline because I got an extension through the weekend. If by some miracle the woman came by this weekend and left the money in the night drop it will be a miracle, but probably not and i will have to fire my favoried employee tomorrow morning and be stressed to the max for the 1st of the month and until I get someone to take her place. Why must all good things come to an end. It just isn't fair and I don't really know how to handle the situation.

On a slightly lighter note I have been looking for the past couple weeks for a black peacoat. I would love to have one to go with this pink scarf that Shane's mom got for me, but I can't find one that I like. All the ones that I can find I don't like, or they just don't fit. What a waste of time, but I tirelessly look on the internet for good deals and can't find any to suit my tastes. I just need to get out of the house and get somewhere with some good shopping so that I can find some goooood deals.

Not much is going on with me. I started school back and I was totally bummed to find out that my favorite teacher bailed out on the class when she found out that she was pregnant. NOT FAIR AND I AM MAD ONCE AGAIN. I have decided that 2005 is going to be a VERY bad year and nothing is going to change my mind until things start to look up for me. So far I haven't had much luck with the new year and would gladly turn back the tables of time to relive the year 2004 all over again. (even though that one wasn't so particularly well either)

I have decided to buy me a house. Or move into an apartment. Not exactly of my own choice, but of this pressing matter that my uncle just doesn't need me anymore! Woe is me and he has found another......(sounds a little sick doesn't it??) lol, anyways, he is engaged to be married in April and I just refuse to move in with him and his new wife and their .........SIX OMG........SIX kids. Brady bunch central, except there is 5 girls and just 1 little man. I am totally excited for them though, they are so wonderful together it would just make you completely sick to see. It is like a fairy tail ending to a recurring nightmare. I am excited to be on my own, but I will have to say, I am going to miss living with my uncle and his 4 kids. Well, except for the cleaning up after and the washing of sheets and so on and so forth. I will miss the playing of video games, the watching of American Idol and Real World and the crying at night because Felena doesn't want to go to bed yet! HAH, four year olds are great (if you are tolerant and a kid lover, not liker, lover) So, anyways, I am psyched and will keep you up to detail on the progress.

What else..........where is this snow storm they were predicting for Southern West Virginia.......it missed up completely and all we got was a little rain and sleet. But, one thing is true.....my automatic car starter works like a dream and I couldn't live without it. I'm telling ya.....couldn't do it. You never know what you are missing until you are sitting in work dreading the cold car at the end of the day when all of a sudden you remember that you don't have to get into a cold car after all.......so what do you do, get out the keypad and click away while your car warms up and you drive off.

Well, I know there is more, but at the moment I don't know what it is........later to all and to all a good night!

10 January 2005

Days Gone By

Okay, for all you girls out there with little bittie titties here is a story that you might enjoy! Now, I don't know if this should make me feel REALLY super bad, or what, but it is hilarious no matter! The one thing you will have to understand is that the girls I work with are probably the craziest people I have encountered in my life, and when you get five crazy ass girls together you are going to have a good time no matter what! Here we go.....

I was running late as usual so I just picked up this case that I keep my fingernail polish stuff in. I was just going to take it to work and paint up on my nails if we were slow. In one of the pockets I had one of my bra pads in there......I guess I put it in there because I really didn't have anywhere else to put it and I didn't want to lose it. Well, I mean, it isn't like a pillow or anything! It's just this little pad that helps liftage:) Well, to get along with the story we were really busy that day so my case was just sitting there in my station and Allison came over and was peering around in my stuff. She was taking this out and taking this out. All of a sudden she pulls out my pad and was like........."What is this!??" I turned around like, What in the world is she talking about? Well, my face got so red I know it.......because as I turn around she is standing there with my bra pad (Allison has some big boobies) under one of her boobs! I just about have no words to describe what this looked like. Picture a watermelon as a boob and someone holding a croissant under it like it was a pad or something. My poor pad looked like a little bottle in the vast ocean. It was no comparison, so I snatched it from her and put it up to mine and said........"SEE, THIS IS HOW IT WORKS!" , and slung it back into it's carrier. LMAO.........it was the funniest thing ever! I always thought of my pads as miracles, but now I think of my pads in a whole new light. Submitted by Meagan from the Little Bittie Tittie Comittee.

I could run on and on about the girls at work, but we'll save stories for other posts. Well, I had a pretty good vacation. I spent lots of time with my cousin Kelly, we cleaned her house. For two solid days I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned! I really don't think I could have ever cleaned this much in my entire life. I was tired for a week, but as you can see I recovered! And let me tell ya, I am soooooooooo mad at my stupid brother. Could he call me back sooner or what? How many times do you have to call someone and them not call you back! Travis, if you see this I'm coming after you!

I went to the coolest party ever. It was this makeup party, I KNOW I KNOW......whatever you say, but for real, It was a good time. Just a bunch of girls shooting the breeze drinking a little vodka and stuff, and putting makeup on. What could be better? Well, now I am supposed to have this party thing! I have such a problem with commiting to things like that. I know now that I am going to have to get snacks together and hi-tail it home that night to get things set up for the party and stuff. I am having a pedicure party though, wanna come? It is at 6 o'clock on the 25 of January and you are very welcome to come and join in the fun. I am really excited, but nervous. I just can't wait until it is over with!

Well, let me tell ya........I am probably the biggest crackhead in Southern West Virginia! No, really, don't try to icing it over, it's true! I really am! First thing is first. I checked my pay last Saturday to see what it was and it was only 410.00.......I was like........WHOA NELLY SOMETHING IS WRONG! My pay should be loads more than that.....so I got to thinking and stressing a little bit about what happened and I came to the conclusion that the vacation days I took weren't paid. Yes, yes, I suppose that you all are going to think that it is my fault and you are absolutely correct. Yes, I didn't turn them in, so I concocted (how do you spell that?) this story and called the head teller and was like........"I didn't get paid for my vacation days." She said.....Well, did you turn them in? and I was like.....I can't remember, but I think so. Well, she said to call one person and that person would call someone else.......yadda yadda yadda. So, I did and do you know Cathy, (she is the administrative assistant that handles all the pay) knows me better than anyone else apparantly. She calmly said after I diligently told her my story says to me.....Meagan, did you turn them in.......and I said.....I don't know......I thought so. Well, she knew that I knew I didn't and said.....Well, Meagan, You can't get paid for them if you don't turn them in" So, all ends well after I sent up the necessary paperwork along with a couple pieces of candy to bribe her to get it done. haha, yes, I do have many time changes!

That's about it for now, I know there is probably more, but I will gather up some more stories and submit them within the week.

Later tots...........mwah