29 December 2004

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

I know I know.......Christmas was a while ago, but this is the first time I could get on here and write. I stay as busy as I don't know what, but then when I'm not I am just lazy and don't write. Let me see here......I don't know if I can remember all of the happenings in this town since a month ago. So here are my thoughts as they randomly come to me.........

The girls that I work with are crazy about sex. It's crazy sometimes......they are all the time getting on one of their cell phones and pulling up dirty pics or something like that and it gets passed around to everyone in the room and then we look at more until we are just sick and tired of seeing things like that. Anyways, there is one girl that works down there that is SO VERY naive about stuff like that. She just can't understand why people have "butt sex" as she calls it.......or why they would want to talk dirty or things like that. It is really funny to know her, because she is fairly young. Like, she should definately know about things such as "butt sex" and stuff like that. She is only 30 years old! We got to talking down there one day and we decided that we didn't want to do the whole boring Christmas gift under 5 dollar routine this year and we got quite creative to bring in the new year. We wanted to be fun and different so we put our heads together and decided that for Christmas we were going to go to the "Dirty Book Store" so I call it and get each other gag gifts and to see how Ginger reacts to the various items that you would find in such a place. We all worked until 5 o'clock and then went back to another girls house to have a couple beers and relax for a minute before we went so we took off at about 6:30 or so to check out the sights. We were carrying on and such when we rang the doorbell to the D.B. store and fumbled in on top of one another as we looked around in awe (and some of them with drool)! But best of all was watching Ginger's reaction to everything. First we looked at the wall right in front of the door, and it had lots of gag gifts relating to Santa. I always knew Santa had a dirty streak to him ;). Then we got to another wall.....a wall of nothing but penis'! ah ah ah! Our eyes were probably popping out of our heads as we saw the jewels. Some were big and some were small and some twisted and some didn't. Some had pearls in them and some had jackrabbits along with anal stuff and whatnot. Well, Ginger was awesome as we knew she would be. She didn't even know what the stuff was for really! Well, then we got to the pleasure for men. There was this one thing that was a vagina. It had a place in it where you could stick your finger in there and feel the texture of it. We randomly took turn sticking our fingers in there and poking around on it when Ginger walked up stuck her finger in it and was like "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH...........I would want to fuck me all the time too if I really do feel like that" It was great. Then we got to the videos and we saw things that we would probably not want to see, so that's when I got to looking around for the perfect present! We all got great gags for the holidays. I got a keychain vibrator, Krista got a whip (which was perfect for her), Missy got nipple jewelry, Ginger got a Santa pin that when you clicked the top of it to write his penis popped out and something else I don't remember what, And I got Allison a penis shot glass (because she drinks a lot) and a lighter that when you light it the man on the front strips for ya (because she also smokes!). So, it was a lot of fun.

Then it was Christmas! I was so excited this year. i couldn't wait utnil I got to my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve. I should have known there would be some kind of drama like always! I might be over reacting, but I don't think so. It has been the tradition for I don't know how long for me to sing on Christmas Eve witht he family, because I sing at various functions. I used to always sing O Holy Night, and then we would have a little jam session with the various musically talented people of the family. Just having fun, but of course my Aunt Genia had to take the fun out of that just as she takes the fun out of everything! See, it all started last year when she decided that she was going to sing a bunch of songs herself. Well, everyone kind of overlooked it that time, because we didn't really think that this would be an every year thing for her. She isn't musically talented at all! Can't sing, can't play instruments, NOTHING......so what in the world makes her think we want to listen to her screech out the wrong notes to various songs!! Well, anyways, this year she just stole the show.......PERIOD........I didn't sing and she sang like 20 songs.......PEOPLE WEREN'T EVEN LISTENING TO HER........it just makes me so mad when she makes things out to be all about her. So, now I am going to dread going to Christmas every year. Great!

I got lots of stuff for Christmas though! Everything I wanted and more really! I got a gift certificate to V.S. (which is my favorite store EVER!) I got about 150 dollars from various peeps, I got some porcelain doll things, and some other stuff, but my fav present of all is the keyless remote starter for my car! Shane is supposed to take my car and get it put in sometime this week, like tomorrow or the next day! Can't wait Can't wait.

There is tons more to tell you all, but limited time and space! I will definately have to write again tomorrow and tell you about Texas Steakhouse, and my cousins house! It's a lot...........later tots!


08 December 2004

:) All is well in Meggie Land.....

So, all is well in the land of Meggie. It seems like all I ever get done is working and schooling, but hey, what more could I ask for. I have tons of friends and a busy life! GOOD NEWS........as some of you know I have been mad stressing over my mom and her husband. You see, her and her husband have been living off of her disability check which is only 530 dollars a month for like a couple of years. Why you ask? Well, because he is disabled too and he has been denied twice for the disability by this judge who must just be a butt. Well, anyways, this time they luckily were able to change districts and get a new judge and YAYYY.....they are awarding him backpay and some disability dispersements. So, that is a load off of my mind. The construction starts on their new house in the spring.

Yes, I know I know.........I have been so lax on my blogging lately, but to tell you the truth, I just haven't felt like doing it. I come home and study and stuff, and then I don't feel like doing anything else. But, tonight I am feeling really good because I got a 96 on my final today! That was so exciting.......:). Can't help but be proud of that one. Let's see, what else......I AM TOTALLY NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS! You would think that by 21 years of age you would have your ducks in a row and be ready every year, but I never am. I can never seem to get everything together until it is wayyyy too late. I guess Shane and I will go to the mall and stuff shopping this weekend, if not? Well, then I guess I will just have to venture out on my own......Not that I would really mind that anyways. I like to go alone anyways...I guess I'm just a private person.

Who watched the Real World last night?? Well, what did you think? It looks like mad drama is coming up with Landon, but everytime they hype up an episode it just ends up being the same old crap. I am totally wondering who's life he is threatening and what in the WORLD Melanie is going to do to piss all of them off so bad. But, for real, what's the deal with this eating disorder thing with Sara.......I just don't know about it. She is a great attention getter and she knows how to get it when she isn't getting it........ya know?? And as we all know she is going to be hoein around this next episode too, but props to her, cause if I were in Europe or wherever they are I would be after some accent too.......;). And as for Karamo.....WHATEVER.......ARE YOU FREAKIN GAY OR NOT..........MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I am tired of seeing him frankly......he does nothing but work on my nerves. If he didn't feel it with that dude, then just say it and get it over with. don't try to make it out like it is his fault you are breaking the bonds with him.........YOU ARE BETTER OFF DUDE! I can't remember his name......lol.

Well, I have a dentist appt. tomorrow and today as I was getting ready to leave work they inform me that I have to attend a meeting after work tomorrow. Well, I told MY supervisor that I couldn't attend and she went to the VP of internal affairs and the VP said that I must attend. So, that bites, because now I have to drive cross country just about to make all of these appointments. And I would rather not be late, becuase i don't want to walk into the room with all kinds of "Big Wigs" and have them all looking at me like.......She's important here? I would much rather sit inconspicuous beside my supervisor and daydream through their speeches that I never listen to anyways.

Well, that is about it folks!........I'll talk to ya soon